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KOMED Linear High Volume

KOMED Linear High Volume

Our linear indexing platform - the KOMED Linear High Volume - is highly modular in concept and construction.  Based upon 1 meter long modules, the chassis can be constructed with 2, 3 or 4 sections. Tooling can be located on both sides of the machine - allowing  up to 104 stations on a single chassis.

Fixtures are accurately positioned at all times via a cam based indexing system, and stations can be mounted from the inside or outside of the fixture path. Index pitch can be either 100, 200, or 400 mm, with cycle rates going to below 1 second. Ideally suited for medical production environments, the system conforms to FDA and class 100'000 production requirements.

Perfectly adapted to medical device production, our assembly systems comply with all applicable GMP and GAMP5 norms, as well as to manufacturing standards for clean room environments (ISO class 8 - or 100'000 as a standard, other levels available on request).

- From 20 to 104 working stations
- Fully synchronised cam based indexing system for a smooth operation
- Index speed up to 75 cycles / min


Technical Data:

- Dual sided platform
- Reconfigurable, modular design, easy to maintain
- Unique, “3 sides open” fixture access
- Working stations can be installed either inside or outside the fixture path
- Fully synchronized cam based indexing system for a smooth operation
- From 20 to 104 working stations
- Index speed up to 75 cycles / min
- Pitch: 100, 200 or 400 mm
- Index to process ratios 90°/360°, 110°/360°, 120°/360°
- GMP ISO 7 clean room compliant

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