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FR90 / FR90V - Display tray Packing machine

FR90 / FR90V

Display Tray packing machine

The FR90 machine is formed by a fully mechanical tray forming section, identical to time-proven system adopted on previous models and a new infeed/bundle formation section which constitutes the true novelty and the most important feature of our product. Step motor driven shafts govern the various operation sequences, up until the actual positioning of the products bundle on the carton blank. The main advantages of this technical solution are:
•Change of bundle configuration by a simple pushing of a bottom.
•Optimization of the the positive and negative acceleration of each movement.
•Greater access to the machine.
•Maintenance free operation.
•Increased protection of machine components and operator’s safety.
Custom developped solutions allow for easy size changes even in the mechanical sections, providing users with an unequaled  grade of operational flexibility.


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