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June 13-16, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand

Stand CC1

IMA INDUSTRIES machines on show were:

STEPHAN MACHINERY will exhibited some models of the Universal Machine range (UM 44, UM 60 and UMC5 + Chocolate Kitchen) which handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of processed cheese, convenience products and confectionary: from mixing and chopping, emulsifying and vacuum deaeration to heating and cooling. The Universal Machines are available for batch sizes from 2.5 up to 170 ltr. and all share one important characteristic: versatility. 

STEPHAN MACHINERY also exhibited the Microcut MC 12 and MC 15 which are high performance micro cutters for thick featured and highly viscose products like sausage, meat, fruits and vegetables

IMA PHARMA machines on show were:

On display from IMA ACTIVE division, the S250 Smart tablet press, which combines established technology with the latest controls and an interchangeable turret. The machine has a very compact design and is operated via a modern touch screen control. The upper machine head can be lifted to ease turret removal and allow access to the inner part of the press, shortening cleaning time and improving machine flexibility. The S250 Smart is available in three versions: Traditional, Classic and Prime. The machine reaches a maximum production speed of 300,000 tablets/hour.

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