The FR30 forming and filling machine is suitable for the packing of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products into trays or display boxes using flat blanks from magazine. Blanks are formed in the hopper thus guaranteeing perfect carton gluing regardless of product consistency. The machine is built as a robust modular structure, with detailed attention given to the movements to avoid noise and lubrication.
Easy loading with horizontal blanks magazine. Size changeover can be carried out in 15 minutes without tools and by means of centralized adjustment points with digital indicators.
Maximum accessibility from the front to the main area: carton magazine, forming, collation and box closing. PLC as standard and HMI keyboard for operator’s assistance and information.

• Bar code reader
• Ejection of the incomplete display boxes
• Ejection of display boxes with the wrong bar code
• Ink coding system
• Leaflet insertion
• Videocamera system for detection of product quantity, printed code, leaflet presence