MS 280 BAN - Shrinkwrapping machine


Stretch banding & shrink wrapping machine


The MS280 bundling and wrapping machine has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of high speed production lines. Due to its fully servo driven technology this latest model can reach production speeds up to 100 bundles per minute. The machine is equipped with a pick and place unit capable of stacking cartons in several layers and/or collecting bottles in several rows (the shrink tunnel is required for bottles).

The balcony-type construction of the MS280 allows maximum accessibility to all its main parts in order to optimize maintenance and cleaning operations. All drives are located at the back of machine thereby separating them from the product flow area. The ergonomically mounted shafts, located outside the machine guards, are equipped with a quick expansion lock device enabling a quick change of the fi lm reels. A new electronic sealing system guarantees tight film wrap.
Size changeover can be completed in approximately 10 minutes without tools and with all the adjustments being made with the assistance of digital indicators.
Should shrink-wrapping be required, a shrink tunnel can be installed as an integral part of the machine.