3703 - Automatic wrapping machine


High speed wrapping and collating machine

Output speed up to 100 Bundles/min.


1) In-feed group “BP” version: bundles wrapping on one, two or three rows on one single layer.

2) In-feed group “A” version: bundles wrapping on one or two layers.

 WRAPPING MATERIAL: Cellophane, PP and all heat sealable films from reel.

 MARKETS: Food, paper, pharmaceutical, confectionary and cosmetic industry.

 - Bundle collation is made in line with product exit but outside the wrapping area.

- Film reel: orthogonal forwarding compared with product forwarding positive drawing through rollers and cut with rotary knife. The film web is driven to the wrapping area by toothed belts contrasted by elastic rollers. Very thin films can be used.

- Product in feed: by lateral belts to avoid product sliding due to high feeding speed.

- Electric installation in compliance with CE European specification.

- The machine may be supplied with right hand or left hand film feeding from product entrance.

- Kinematics motion fully mechanic also in the bundle forming.

- Lubrication: oil forced circulation by motor-driven pump with safety pressure switch.

- Easy and quick changeover by replacement of pre-assembled and pre-adjusted groups.

Optional groups

- Tear tape group

- Additional reel holder

- Photocell for film print registration

- Device to enable the machine to wrap bundles of round products

- Device to turn the product on edge

- Stretch band heat-sealing unit

- Scissor knife and electronic unwinding system

- Automatic splicing unit