3754 - Case packing machine


High speed top loading case packing machine

The VERTICAL 3754 is a high speed top loading case-packing machine specifically designed to handle loose or bundled bottles. The machine perfectly meets the toiletry and pharmaceutical market requirements in terms of speed capability and compactness. Great emphasis has been placed on machine accessibility, easy cleaning and the ergonomic position of all its components.

On the 3754, most parts of the machine, with the exception of the driven screws, can be accessed from the operator’s side without having to walk to the opposite side to reach the bottle collating station. The 3754 is extremely compact for a monobloc machine capable of erecting, loading and sealing of up to 50 cases/minute (Duplex version).
To achieve such high speeds, the machine is entirely driven by servomotors, with dedicated strokes and motion profiles for each specific container size or shape. Servo technology and innovative solutions allow the smooth handling of difficult and unusually shaped bottles.
The horizontal case magazine is able to guarantee long autonomy and handle two rows of cases. Also the case forced opening groups and the closing groups (bottom and upper flaps) can handle two cases simultaneously (the second group can be excluded). The machine is also equipped with 2 infeed hoppers for product insertion inside the cases (the second hopper can be excluded as well). Case closure can be done by either tape or hot-melt glue or by both.
To assure a perfect handling of difficult shaped bottles, the infeed system is equipped with non-stop worm-screws to correctly orientate the containers. A special head collates the products to the final case pattern. The machine is equipped with a robot to insert the collation into the case.
The change-over between loose bottles and bundles (same size) can be done in a few minutes. A complete change-over takes 30 minutes.

Optional groups
- Infeed system for cartons (loose or bundled).
- Infeed system for bottles (loose or bundled).
- Labeller integration.
- Product presence control.