The design and manufacturing standards applied to IMA BFB Division satisfy the pharmaceutical GMPs, the same standards used by the IMA Group worldwide, and cover the full spectrum of end-of-line machines for large pharmaceutical lines. IMA BFB Division machines are fully integrated with fillers and primary packaging systems and take into account specific controls in terms of quality, cleaning and safety, necessary in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Time to market” is a primary concern for every company in this sector. IMA BFB Division can provide rapid solutions that not only meet the needs of a highly dynamic market, but are also easy to add on to existing systems. The need to cater for consumer demand has resulted in a huge variety of product shapes and sizes, while the primary aim is still to preserve the integrity of the contents.
The robust, reliable machines in the IMA BFB Division range can process many different types of heat-seal film, paper or cardboard, every type of pack available on the market and can handle multiple product configurations.