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CP38 - Case packing machine


High speed side loading case packing machine
The CP38 is a high speed side loading case-packing machine specifically designed to handle loose or bundled cartons. This machine has been developed in response to new market requirements such as the cantilever design of its structure which ensures complete accessibility and easy cleaning.
In addition, great importance has been given to the ergonomic position of all its components. The CP38 is, indeed, the only case packer on the market where all the parts of the machine can be reached from the operator’s side without having to walk to the opposite side to reach the carton stacking unit area.
In order to be as “operator friendly” as possible the case erecting mechanism of this machine has been completely redesigned to ensure extremely low positioning of the horizontal case magazine. This guarantees long autonomy.
As dictated by the most modern requirements of technology, the CP38 is entirely driven by servo-motors which means dedicated strokes and motions for each specific application. Servo technology and innovative solutions allow the machine to achieve a very high speed (up to 30 cases/min) with smooth product handling and compact footprint.
The case is erected and held in position on two sides during the loading operation. This system is very effective allowing handling of lower quality corrugated cardboard. Once loaded, the case is discharged by sets of upper and lower belts with lugs, thereby maintaining constant and perfect control of the product. Cases can be closed with adhesive tape or with hot-melt glue. The tool-free size change-over is simple and can be carried out in a matter of minutes with the assistance of a large and comprehensible operator interface. The machine also features a standard PLC unit. The CP38 is fully guarded by full size transparent panels interlocked with safety switches in order to meet CE requirements.

Optional groups
- Case labelling and label verification
- Case rejection at discharge
- Case overturning at discharge