Self-protected capsules

VERTICAL CARTOPALLET - Case packing/palletizing


Integrated case packing and palletizing system
The VERTICAL CARTOPALLET is the ideal solution when there are space restrictions at the end of a bottle line and a request of flexibility in handling different types of products such as loose bottle, cartons, bundles.
This machine incorporates, in an extremely compact structure, all the functions of a top loading case-packer and palletizer. This integrated system, due to servo technology and innovative solutions, allows the smooth handling of difficult and unusually shaped bottles.
The VERTICAL CARTOPALLET has been developed to take into consideration market requirements - such as the cantilever design of the structure to ensure complete accessibility and easy cleaning. Furthermore, great importance has been given to the ergonomic position of all components: all the machine features can be reached from the operator side and the horizontal case magazine allows the manual loading of flat cases easily from floor level.
The machine is equipped with a standard PLC unit which interacts with the robot processor, thereby making operation straightforward. A large and comprehensive operator interface makes change-overs simple and assists with diagnostics.
The machine can be equipped with different feeding systems according to the product to be handled. The case is correctly erected and moved to the closing section by a set of reciprocating lugs. The machine is equipped with a 6-axis robot to insert the collation into the case and place it on the pallet according to a pre-set pallet pattern
already stored in the machine memory. Cases can be closed with adhesive tape or with hot-melt glue.
The change-over can be carried out in a few minutes.
The use of the 6 axis robot means that cases can be check-weighed, inkjetted, labelled and any faulty products automatically rejected. Basic version includes one pallet loading station (pallet is placed on the floor). It is also possible to have the option of two pallet stations in order not to stop the production during full pallet discharge. Light barriers and safety features in pallet removal area guarantee operator’s safety during pallet management.
The machine is fully guarded with transparent panels interlocked with safety switches.