Recipe Management
For safe, accurate and repeatable production

Stephan Recipe Management

Often the care of recipes is done manually or by means of complicated spread sheets – most of the time with inefficiency and low transparency. Flexibility combined with constant high quality is only one of the demands to the production. Stephan Recipe Management takes over the efficient management of your recipes and combines ingredients and production processes in one recipe.
Stephan Recipe Management is already available for small machines and plants. In addition to the amounts of raw materials the technical production process will be added by means of a step sequence.

Perfect data transparency
The structured and central management of raw ingredients and process functions maximizes the process transparency and supports the teamwork. The Stephan Recipe Management system can be used in a network and by several users at the same time.
- Inserting, copying and deleting of process steps
- A safe production is guaranteed by controlling the step time

Protection of your knowhow
The user administration with its detailed data access concept ensures that only person with the correct rights have access to your sensible recipe data.

Multi Language
The Stephan Recipe Management system includes online language switching.

Data backup and data restoring
Large data backup and restoring functionalities ensure the security of your sensible recipe data.

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