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CIP Systems
Optimal Cleaning of Food Equipment

Stephan CIP Systems

Hygiene and production safety is the basis for success in food production. For this reason the high quality of ingredients is just as important as a cleaning system that meets the highest standards.
Stephan CIP Systems fulfill these requirements. Designed as modules, they can be adapted to meet the needs of any type of food equipment. This makes Stephan CIP Systems especially economical.

Advantages for your production:
- Optimized cleaning times
- Minimized down times
- Highly efficient cleaning
- Lower personnel costs compared to manual cleaning
- Reduction in material costs due to controlled use of chemicals etc.
- Compliance with and monitoring of required cleaning parameters (flow-rate, concentration and temperature)

Different production plants require different cleaning processes. Nowadays food production is unimaginable without "Cleaning in Place" systems. CIP means the automatic cleaning of production plants - without them having to be disassembled or substantial changes being made compared to their operational state. In doing so, hygiene is always the top priority. Thanks to years of experience we are able to offer optimal solutions and assist you in the design of the overall cleaning concept.


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