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FR200 - Bundling & Tray packing machine


Bundling and tray packing machine

The FR200 product bundling and tray packing machine combines reduced overall dimensions – an appreciated feature - with 'user-friendly' operation  and time-lasting construction. The machine is well suited to any working environment as it is manufactured with anti-corrosive materials. The main movements driven by step motors guarantee high flexibility and  quick size change-over operations and minimal maintenance.

The bundle forming operations by an up-down movement, the bundle insertion into the 'U'-shape lid as well as the bundle feeding to tray closing section are completely guided, ensuring a proper pack arrangement. The subsequent operation consists in the wrap-around formation of the tray bottom deriving from open flat blanks. The application of glue spots to fix the lid onto the bottom completes the machine process.
The FR200 erects bottom/lid packs that are formed by display tray bottom and 'U'-shape lid.
The achieved package style is ready to be palletized and shipped and, besides this, can be easily shown at the selling point as a display box.


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