Soft Candies

AF60 - Overwrapping machine


Overwrapping machine for both individual and collated cartons

The AF60 machine is capable of overwrapping both individual and collated cartons and has been designed to meet the requirements of a market where demand is growing more and more for extremely compact, easy-to-operate, high production speed machines.
The machine is equipped with a high speed stacking unit capable of stacking up to 225 layers/min.
The machine can be arranged with a carton tilting unit (AF60AM) capable of standing on edge as many as 400 cartons/min. Thanks to servo driven technological solutions this latest model can reach production speeds as high as 60 cycles per minute thus making it an ideal partner for any high-speed packaging line for cartons.
The balcony-type construction of the AF60 allows maximum accessibility to all its main parts in order to optimize maintenance and cleaning operations.
Size changes can be completed in approximately 5 minutes without the need to use tools and with all the adjustments being made with the assistance of digital indicators. The ergonomically mounted shaft is equipped with a quick expansion lock device to allow a quick change of the film reel.

Access to the machine is facilitated by hinged doors on:

- the stacking area
- film unwinding and cutting
- the lateral folding area on machine exit
Other main features are: scissor knife, transport of the film by pincers, transversal sealing on edge, driven movement of bottom and lateral film folders, reciprocating lateral sealing plates.


- bypass mode which permits the product to flow through the machine
- tear-tape
- print registration unit
- automatic bundle discharge
- servo driven step by step exit system
- lateral sealing belts on exit