Soft Candies

CPV15/CPV20 - Case packing machine


Medium speed top loading case-packing machine

The CPV15 is a medium speed top loading case-packing machine specifically designed to handle loose or bundled bottles. This machine has been developed in response to new market requirements such as the cantilever design of its structure and the extremely compact footprint.
IMA BFB Division can provide solutions for coffee bags case packing and shipment packaging.
In fact, great emphasis has been given to the machine accessibility, easy cleaning and ergonomic position of all its components. On the CPV15, all the parts of the machine can be reached from the operator’s side without having to walk to the opposite side to reach the bottle collating station. In order to be as “operator friendly” as possible the case erecting mechanism is designed to ensure a low positioning of the horizontal case magazine which also gives greater autonomy.
As dictated by the most modern requirements of technology, the CPV15 is entirely driven by servo-motors which means dedicated strokes and motions for each specific application. Servo technology and innovative solutions allow the smooth handling of difficult and unusually shaped bottles.
The infeed system is equipped with worm screws (in case of loose bottles) for the correct orientation of the containers and a side moving “comb” to collate the products. The case is positively erected and moved to the closing section by a set of reciprocating lugs.
As a standard, the machine is equipped with a 2-axis robot to insert the collation into the case. For special applications, it is possible to use a 4 or a 6-axis robot. Cases can be closed with adhesive tape or with hot-melt glue. The change-over between loose bottles and bundles (same size) can be done in a few minutes.