FTC509 - Vertical cartoner


Continuous high-speed vertical cartoner, managing up to 300 ppm

Versatile and flexible
, it can handle different packaging types (various shapes of carton packs, plastic bottles, metal containers, etc.) as well as a number of solutions for product counting (candies, chewing gum, etc.).

FTC509 is equipped with gluing control system, data coding with Ink Jet or Laser technology, rejecting systems, optional units for inserting blisters plus leaflets, small bags or miscellaneous items inside the cartons.

Product feeding: 6 channels slat counter / volumetric dosing unit / multihead weigher

Carton boxes styles: all main closure styles can be managed on the machine, including flip top, shaker box, tamper evident, side opening, etc.

Other containers: plastic and metal boxes in various shapes and sizes.

Products: suitable to manage hard candies, gum pellets, tablets, powders, jellies, liquorice, nuts, etc.