Injected capsules

MS 250 A/AM/AP - Shrinkwrapping machine

Stretch banding & shrink wrapping machine

The MS250 bundling and wrapping machine has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of a market where demand is growing more and more for extremely compact, easy-to-operate, high production speed machines. The machine can be equipped with a high speed stacking unit (MS250A) or with a carton tilting unit (MS250AM) capable of standing on edge as many as 400 cartons per minute. Due to servo driven technological solutions this latest model can reach production speeds as high as 60 cycles per minute, thus making it an ideal partner to any high-speed packaging line for cartons.
The balcony-type construction of the MS250 allows for maximum accessibility to all its main parts in order to optimize maintenance and cleaning operations. Size change can be completed in approximately 5 minutes without the need to use tools and with all the adjustments being made with the assistance of digital indicators. The ergonomically mounted shafts are equipped with a quick expansion lock device to allow a quick change of the film reel. On request the MS250 can be fitted with a by pass mode which permits the product to fl ow through the machine.
Should shrink-wrapping be required, a shrink tunnel can be installed as an integral part of the machine.