Injected capsules

3705 - Overwrapping machine


Single and collator overwrapping machine - up to 300 bundles/min

HIGH SPEED WRAPPING MACHINE: output speed up to 300 bundles/minute
MACHINE CAPABILITY: Individual and/or multiple wrapping of parallelepiped products on one layer
WRAPPING MATERIAL: Cellophane, PP and all heat-sealable films from reel
MARKETS: Foods, confectionery, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and tobacco industry

Main features

- Oil tight steel frame containing all motions
- Easy cleaning
- Lubrication: oil forced circulation by motor-driven pump with safety pressure switch
- Electric installation in compliance with CE (European) specifications
- Servo-controlled main motor with acceleration and double working speed to avoid rough machine starts & stops
- Positive product handling during operations cycle with several checking points
- Checking safety device during wrapping phase: wrapping film missing and tear tape missing
- Electronic timings through programmable encoder
- Easy and quick changeover by replacement of pre-assembled and pre-adjusted groups without any misinterpretation

Optional groups

- Photocell for film print registration
- Tear tape group
- Additional reel holder
- Automatic film splicing